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Thursday, September 7th

"Journey Along Blue River"
Speaker: Karen Schwartz, President of the Historical Society of Harrison County

A meander through Washington, Harrison and Crawford Counties, highlighting, small towns, bridges, churches and other points of interest along the way.
Karen's many pioneer ancestors in the region and her lifelong personal experience with Blue River combine to provide an intriging tale. this journey.

Introducing Hellbenders into Blue River

Thursday, August 3rd 2023

"Daniel Boone in Indiana and Boone's Indiana Track

presented by Michele Dutcher & Vicky Haralovich 

While Daniel Boone is widely known for having blazed the Wilderness Trail into Kentucky, it is less known that he also spent time in Indiana, even carving out a wagon track from Cincinnati, Ohio to St. Louis, Missouri in 1799.   This trail would later be known around Southern Indiana as Boone's Trace or the Upper Trail to Missouri.  Their book contains the details of this portion of Boone's life, from about 1795 to his death in Missouri.

Thursday, July 6th 2023

"Slate Run Cemetery"

presented by Autumn White
An enthusiastic account of her painstaking research into the Slate Run Cemetery.
Surnames of some of those interred there: Arganbright; Collins; Durkee; Knight; Lee; McCaffery; Scribner; Smith; Turner; Very; Ward; and Wells.

Saint Joseph Road (next to Charlestown Road Dental)

FOGS January 3rd, 2023 meeting    

"Genealogical Sources - Part I"

presented by Tom Tri 
Tom presented the theory of sources, the backbone of genealogical documentation and research. Drawing on the work by Elizabeth Shown Mills, both classic and modern source were reviewed.

FOGS December 1st, 2022 meeting    


Various members shared genealogical artifacts and research with the group.

FOGS November 3rd, 2022 program    

"First Families & Hoosier Heritage Celebration

First Families of Floyd, Clark, and Harrison Counties is an ongoing project of the Falls of the Ohio Genealogical Society which is designed to discover, honor, and preserve the memory of the tri-county pioneers.  Membership in First Families is open to anyone proving direct descent from a settler living in the tri-county area prior to December 31, 1840.  The project hopes to document the lives and contributions of some of the counties' early Native Americans and pioneer African Americans, women, immigrants, and children.

The 2022 revival of the program, last presented in 2019, was very successful.
    2022 Meeting Program       2022 FF Biographies
    2022 Brochure (First families brochure containing the pioneer surnames through the 2022 event)

    Get started for 2023!  Get the fillable PDF Application form.     Contact: Donna Kepley Foster at 812‑923‑3492,

FOGS October 6th, 2022 program    


presented by Vic McCauley, R.P.L.S.
    A sweeping history of the Falls region from a surveyor’s perspective.

FOGS September 1st, 2022 program    

"Falls of the Ohio Archaeology Society and Heirloom Collections"

presented by Robert DeMent, FOAS
    An introduction to FOAS, its mission, and current projects.  Focusing on the possible value of family heirloom "arrowhead" collections to Archaeology, offering an opportunity for those who want to know more about their collections, and to provide help identifying and classifying them.  Keen interest was exhibited by many attendees, some bringing private collections for examination.     Projectile Point Identification

FOGS August 4th, 2022 program    

"Location, Location, Location -- Places in Genealogical research"

presented by Tiare Fullmer, Family History Center, New Albany
    A stellar presentation of using place information to guide your genealogical research.

FOGS July 7th, 2022 program    

"Free Genealogical Resources that all may access"

presented by Diane Stepro MFA, MLS
    Genealogy and History Librarian, Jeffersonville Township Public Library

links to resources ...

FOGS June 2nd, 2022 program    

"Medications and treatments used during the American Revolution - Then and Now"

presented by Dr. David Bell, Ph.D, DP Associates ‑‑ to discuss this and other programs call (304) 482‑3155 (Cell) (812) 903‑0526 (Land) ‑‑

more ...

FOGS May 5th, 2022 program    

"The Indiana Room in the New Albany / Floyd County Library"

presented by Allison Kilberg, Special Collections Librarian

FOGS April 7th, 2022 program    

"Afro-American Families in the Indiana Territory"

presented by Chuck Lewis, former Funeral Director, current lecturer in Mortuary Science, and board member, Clark County Museum.

FOGS March 3rd, 2022 program    

"Pioneer Families on their Covered Wagon Journeys"

by presented by Dr. Claudia Crump (Professor Emeritus and former Co-Director of the Center for Cultural Resources at Indiana University Southeast).

Recording of FOGS February 3rd, 2022 program    

"Persons in my Family Tree"

presented by Bob Sterrett.  YouTube version

Recording of FOGS December 2nd, 2021 program    

"DNA Topics"

by presented by Bob Sterrett.  This presentation was converted to a PDF.  Sorry, no audio.

Recording of FOGS November 4th, 2021 program    

"Family History Projects in the Jeffersonville Library MakerSpace"

by presented by Jeffersonville Township Public Library's Technology Services Manager Allison Fredrickson..
Cosponsored by Jeffersonville Township Public Library and Falls of the Ohio Genealogical Society.

Recording of FOGS October 7th, 2021 program    

"Chaplain John J. Hight"

by Jim Munford, President of the Friends of Fairview Cemetery, Civil Engineer, Historian.
Rev. John J. Hight, D. D., was a Chaplain in the army during the war.  At Stone River and Chickamauga he took a musket and bravely fought with his regiment.  In 1854 he was admitted to Indiana M. E. Conference, at Wesley Chapel, New Albany, served served two years as pastor of Roberts Chapel, (now Main street M. E church, New Albany), one year as pastor of John Street church, four years as presiding elder of New Albany District, and served as Assistant editor of the Western Christian Advocate.
The slide show accompanying Jim's presentation was converted to a PDF.  Sorry, no audio.

Recording of FOGS September 2nd, 2021 program    

"Civil War Jeffersonville"

by Kraig McNutt, Civil War history blogger.  He has won the praise of professional historians and the admiration of many fans for his investigations.  He runs the largest Civil War history page on Facebook.
His research extends not only to the great deeds of the Civil War, but into his own family. He is the descendant of several Union veterans.
The presentation focuses on Civil War sites in Jeffersonville, Indiana.

Recording of FOGS August 5th, 2021 program    

"1849 Cholera Epidemic"

Cholera swept the country in 1849. Mortality was great. St Louis lost 4,557, Cincinnati 5,969, and Detroit 700. That year, a group of young men set out from Jeffersonville, Indiana, determined to join other "Miner 49ers" in making their fortunes panning for California gold. Their luck took a turn for the worse when they boarded a steamship at St. Louis, Missouri. An outbreak of cholera forced the boat ashore at Jefferson City, Missouri, where the sick and dying crew and passengers were discovered by an area teenager.
presented by Gary Elliot, history writer from Jefferson City, MO.  Mr. Elliot reveals the fates of the men from Jeffersonville, some of whom have descendants in this area to this day.

Recording of FOGS July 1st, 2021 program    

"Louisville's Bloody Monday"

August 6, 1855, Protestant mobs attacked German and Irish Catholic neighborhoods. 22 dead, many injured and much property damage.
presented by Jim Tomes, Archivist at the Diocese of Louisville;
John O'Dwyer, Ancient Order of Hibernians; and Gerald McDaniel, author of "AINDREAS the Messenger"

Recording of FOGS June 3rd, 2021 program    

"A History of the US Census"

presented by Joe Hardesty, Director of the National Sons of the American Revolution Library

Freedomland Cemetery Video    

Highlighting the need to preserve and restore a New Albany African-American cemetery.

see also: FreedomLand Cemetery

Recording of FOGS May 6th, 2021 program    

"General Washington Johnston (1776-1833)"
Indiana Pioneer, Lawyer, Politician, Free Mason, Militia-man, Anti-slavery proponent

presented by Diane Stepro, Jeffersonville Township Public Library

Recording of Harrison County Public Library's April 20th, 2021 program    

"From Amanda to Zerelda: Hoosier Suffragists Who Raised A Ruckus"

presented by Marsha Miller, Indiana Humanities - Speaker's Bureau

Recording of FOGS April 1st, 2021 program    

"Discover Indiana Tours"

presented by Diane Stepro, Jeffersonville Township Public Library
Focusing especially on two new tours of Clark County: African American History in Clark County and Orphans of Clark County. In the tours, you'll meet some of the most heroic, tragic, and memorable characters of Clark County's past.

Recording of FOGS March 4th, 2021 program    

"The US Army Corps of Engineers at Louisville"

presented by Brandon Brummett, P.E., PMP, US Army Corps of Engineer

Recording of FOGS February 4th, 2021 program    

"Davis Floyd and the anti-slavery struggle in Southern Indiana 1802-1809"

presented by Bill Smith, retired lawyer, historian
transcripts: part1   the rest of the story         Davis Floyd in-depth

Recording of FOGS January 7th, 2021 program    

"The Burr Conspiracy"

presented by Zachary Distel, Curator & Program Exhibit Director at Sons of the American Revolution

Recording of FOGS November 5th, 2020 program    

"The Sexual and Gender Rhetoric of War: Manliness in Massachusetts during the Imperial Crisis"

presented by Dr. Kelly Ryan, executive vice-chancellor for academic affairs at Indiana University Southeast

Recording of FOGS September 3rd, 2020 program    

"Motors and Mass Rallies: Women's suffrage program"

presented by Dr. Anita Morgan, IUPUI Senior Lecturer in History

SIGS Retrospective    

A review of the early years of the Southern Indiana Genealogical Society

by Donna Foster, Past President, Southern Indiana Genealogical Society